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Garage Door Spring Repair

With the safety of our customers at the forefront of our minds, we provide quick and reliable garage door spring repair at the best price. Serving the Twin Cities and St. Cloud areas, we are here to help no matter what condition your garage door system is in!

About Broken Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are one of the main components in all garage door systems. Garage doors are able to operate due to a counterbalance system that usually involves one or two torsion springs. Generally, torsion springs are positioned horizontally over the door opening. As the door closes, the cables add tension to the springs, and as the door opens that tension is released. The opening of the door causes the springs to unwind in conjunction with the weight coming off the door.

As the cycle count rises over time, the steel in the springs will become weak and will no longer be able to create energy to lift your garage door–this is when you call us at CMGD!  

Broken Torsion Spring

Safe and Reliable Garage Door Spring Repair

60% of garage doors become unbalanced because they have the wrong springs installed. At CMGD, we only use high cycle premium springs and all of our springs come with a life time warranty. Call us today for your garage door spring repair, we will repair it right the first time!

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